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Not Your Grandfather's UFO Sighting

We have noted in other posts that today’s UFOs are much more difficult to spot than your dad or grandad’s UFO.

There is a lot more junk circulating the planet and periodically falling back into the atmosphere and burning up. More test rockets with component separations visible while coming back to earth. New oddities like the Starlink satellite train makes appearances. You can track when this will be in your area at this website.

Most people can also see the International Space Station as that floats around the earth.

Besides what is in near orbit, we are increasingly concerned with more and uniquely built drones in the air now being confused for UFOs. This article from The War Zone on the is well worth the read, particularly considering it addresses radar trickery—many of the released military videos of UFOs/IEPs have not been direct sightings, but rather, sightings on radar, targeting pods or other telemetry. Tyler Rogoway may be correct that what has been visiting military ships during operational drills are advanced radar balloons and drones, capturing our signals and transmitting PALLADIUM and NEMESIS type trickery to our systems, either covertly by another US agency, or by other countries.

Drone swarms have been sighted at nuclear power plants, (i.e. Palo Verde in September, 2019) and have been used to drop explosives on Saudi oil fields. They are increasingly being deployed in novel ways and in new configurations.

Drones now have many shapes, including cigar, tube, triangle, orb—which have all be shapes seen in historical UFO sightings. Pre-drone era, these would all have been described as UFOs. Today, these are examples of man-made, though unmanned, objects.

We receive frequent emails from people about their personal sightings. Increasingly, they are either describing satellites or drones. As has been the case about UFOs for decades, only a small percentage of sightings are actually something that is completely unidentified. Now it seems that percentage is getting smaller.

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John Quackenbush
John Quackenbush
Apr 15, 2022

I saw one once, was swimming at my grandma's pool, running to the diving board. Right above my sight Line I noticed it and looked up and stopped dead in my tracks. It was in the middle of a hot summer day. It was a ball looking metal object that changed colors from Shiney metallic to bland Grey. About the size of a v w

Bug, Slowly moving from north to south. No sound. Then in a flash it zipped off at speeds I have never seen. It was so fast I remember seeing tracers of it zipping off. The whole thing lasted about 2min start to finish. I'll never forget it. I was 9 I'm 35 now and remember…

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