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Watered down NDAA and "because it's Christmas" Free Download

We have been pondering on the implications of the watered down terms for UAP disclosure in the NDAA this month. To wit, we wonder, 1) when has the military ever disclosed, in full, its special access programs and its restricted access programs, and what in this language will change that? 2) It is a feature, not a bug, that the Department of Defense keeps failing its financial audits--five years and running--and cannot account for 47% of its assets. The military and other three letter agencies, and their private contracting partners are not interested in Congress or the American people knowing what is going on with UAPs, downed tech, and how that may be currently redeployed into new military devices. All we can say is what is old is new again. And, because it is Christmas time, we are making an article from our archive available for free download. First published 24 years ago, in May, 1999, Bill Rose's story on America's Disc Planes is a study in the attempts to reverse engineer what they cleaned up from UFO crash sites. Certainly, that work is ongoing and certainly has progressed since the 1950s. An interesting read then and now. Enjoy it here.

UFO Magazine Americas Disc Planes May 1999 by Bill Rose
Download PDF • 4.86MB

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