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Cattle Mutilations

In the last five decades there have been scores of reports from across the United States of domestic farm animals being butchered with surgical precision, their key glands excised and taken away.  No perpetrator has every been caught, and no satisfactory official explanation has ever been offered.

According to researcher Linda Moulton Howe, a “standard” mutilation exhibits one or more of the following characteristics:

  • Usually occurs with cattle, horses, or sheep.

  • Jaw cut: A precision, surgical-like cut of surrounding flesh to completely expose the jaw bone and teeth.  The tongue and surrounding glandular tissue has been removed.

  • The sex organs, navel, and nipples have been surgically removed.

  • The anus and surrounding glandular tissues have been surgically removed.

  • No evidence of any blood, despite the severity of the procedures.

  • No footprints of any kind leading to or from the animal.

  • The animal is often found in the middle of a perfectly created circle.

  • The precision of the cuts and the lack of blood rule out predator kills.

Complicating the issue has been the number of kills attributable to wild predators such as wolves and coyotes which have been lumped in with the mutilations.  Many local officials have speculated that the mutilations are the result of cultists, devil worshipers, or pranksters.  Probably a good number of mutilations can be accounted for in this way.  However, there have been far more of these mutilations than one might probably realize.  Thousands of cattle have been lost of the years since 1967 in unexplained or strange circumstances.  Although many of these kills are explainable, about 50 percent are not, and this group fits the classic pattern of a cattle mutilation.

The existence of cattle mutilations was brought to public attention by Howe and her Emmy-winning 1980 film documentary, A Strange Harvest, the first work that connected cattle mutilations to UFOs.  Howe concluded that animal mutilations appear to emanate from two sources:  UFOs and U.S. Government participation.

In her books, including An Alien Harvest, Howe tells of discussions she’s had with military intelligence operatives who told her that the mutilations were in fact being done by aliens who were testing the animals for high levels of toxins that humans have put into the atmosphere.  They also told her that the black helicopters were a ruse to cover up the alien involvement in mutilations because the aliens didn’t want the local farmers to panic and would likely then believe it was the government engaging in secret tests.  


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Thanks to The War Zone at for pointing out how to find this great site.  It is a cool tool to see what UFO sightings were reported to the FAA.


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