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Mantell, Thomas F.

The January 9, 1948, New York Times story read, "Flier dies chasing a flying saucer." The flier was Thomas F Mantell, a Kentucky Air National Guard captain flying an F-51 fighter alongside two other Air National Guard planes.  All three pilots had been scrambled to intercept a large UFO moving slowly overhead, a response triggered by the sighting reports of the Kentucky State Police and many citizens on the ground.


Mantell radioed ground control, "I'm closing in for a better look," as he and the other pilots climbed to intercept the UFO. None of the planes were equipped with oxygen, and they were running low on fuel. The other pilots turned back after reaching 22,000 feet in accordance with Air National Guard regulations that required pilots to use oxygen above 14,000 feet.  Mantell, however, continued to climb to 30,000 feet.  At some time during the pursuit, Mantell's plane went into a spin and plunged into the ground.  Mantell was killed.  He was still strapped to his seat and his watch had stopped at 3:18p.m., the time of impact.


Initially it appeared that Mantell had simply chased a weather balloon too high, lost consciousness from a lack of oxygen, and crashed.  however, over the intervening years, UFO researchers have noted some strange circumstances surrounding the pilot's death:

  • Mantell's military ground controllers knew how to tell the difference between a weather balloon and another object.  Had Mantell been chasing a balloon, he would have been ordered back to the field immediately after reaching 14,000 feet.

  • Mantell's last radio transmission was reportedly, "My God, I see people in this thing!"

  • According to Mantell's instrument panel, his aircraft remained aloft for over an hour after running out of fuel.

  • A farmer who witnessed the crash said that as the plane fell toward the ground, it was enveloped in a bright white light.  It then fell out of the light a short distance from the ground, no longer in a tailspin.  This would explain why the recovered aircraft was almost undamaged.

  • Mantell died because his shoulder straps broke.  He was thrown forward and the control stick punctured his chest.  Had the straps not broken, judging from the remarkable undamaged condition of the plane, Mantell might well have survived.  Mantell's death, the first recorded case in modern ufology, remains unsolved to this day.


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Thanks to The War Zone at thedrive.com for pointing out how to find this great site.  It is a cool tool to see what UFO sightings were reported to the FAA.


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