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Reading Between the Lines

Bill reading a copy of UFO Magazine

Hello readers and fans of the old and great and greatly missed UFO Magazine. We are moving on, as they say, so welcome! Welcome to our brand new (albeit temporary) home. From here you can find out what's happening with the magazine and its various personalities and appendages. Everything is different now.

As with all the sites I'm building, thanks to learning how to do it in plain-Jane HTML5, there will be a handy set of things you can do at the bottom of the page. For instance, I'm playing around with a little gamecube doohicky stuck on the bottom left that will securely take you to the top or bottom of any page, as well as back to the front of the site.

I'm never sure how I feel about bits that are stuck to the screen outside of the scroll. On the other ☞ hand, I'm using the cube myself as I navigate these pages and look for gremlins.

You can always join in the Disqus fun after you've read something that you like or dislike. In addition to Twitter, there will be other social buttons down there when I figure out which ones I like. Stuff like that.

To be honest, this site went live just a teensy little bit ahead of my expectations. As little as a year or so ago, it would take almost 24 hours before your host-switching would take effect, and during that time you could hustle up the last of your fixes and adjustments, of which there are plenty. I'm working, as we speak. If you see a link that doesn't work, you can note it down in Disqus.

So, to recap: all-new site, nothing is the same ... everything is exactly the same, but it's ... different. I'm the same person who edited it for the past ten years, including one long stint of 34 straight months in a row of hitting the newsstand and taking care of business while Bill was on the road with UFO Hunters. I think when I stumbled on the 35th month, something must have gone awry with my wiring, and now we are here, looking back on all the issues we have left for sale. Yes. For sale.

Thus, we are not able to send out free samples anymore because the era of the old magazine is over. Each issue has become more precious -- see the archives page for more info on purchasing the remaining copies -- because the printing presses are silent, for now.

Big rolls of newsprint at the old Rodgers & McDonald facility

Stay tuned for more updates here, just like in the old days. But first, I must get the issues that we do have on hand up for sale. I am hoping it will be done in hours, not days. I am an optimist. If you're reading this, it's direct proof that optimism works. 👽

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