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Where to start with these balloons!

Wouldn't it have been great if the US had actually shot down a UFO instead of some ham radio club's $100 balloon? Without getting into politics, we are interested in how many of you have taken photos prior to 2021 of balloons carrying payloads like the Chinese spy balloon.

As the adminstration claims that it has not historically had radar sensitivity set to observe these, which makes sense when hundreds of balloons are launched daily in the US, the first one that was shot down was pretty big!

Se, we at UFO Magazine want to test the government's assertion that these big ones have been flying over for years, info gathering, without a military response. We know that in the US, a balloon with a payload of greater than six pounds has to file with the FAA, so when you send us your photo, please also send date and location (city and state) of your shot, so we can check if it was registered.

We would love to post a pot-luck collage of all the prior massive balloons that have flown over the US un-addressed by our government. If you have one to share, please send it to

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