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We are not holding our breath over anything new in next week's Congressional hearing

So finally, a subcommittee of the House Intelligence Committee will be holding a "follow up" hearing from last year's release of the UAP report. Leslie Kean broke the news over at The New York Times. Scheduled for next Tuesday, May 17, the hearing is supposed to examine the national security and flight-safety questions raised by the report.

Notably, the June report was quite brief (nine pages), mentioned that it reviewed 144 incidents and could explain only one. However, the specifics of these sightings remains classified. Even the longer form report at 17 pages, was heavily redacted when released to The Black Vault.

Everyone in UFOlogy gets very excited about the potential of a substantive disclosure, and then later deflated when nothing new is said. We will check in against next week after the hearing, but we are not expecting anything earth shatteringly new at this hearing.

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