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Anyone Get the Feeling that the NY Times is the new government organ?

Well, well...the New York Times is at it again today. After last month's scoop on the "leak" about the report, they are out today on a Roswell piece. Funny how they are quoting the CIA left and right, completely ignorant of the distrust between the military and the CIA in the 1940's. Clearly the CIA is the wrong source on anything regarding Roswell.

We could go on here, about the Roswell Case Closed report, in which the GAO found "no records existed." However, it did note apparent records destruction, specifically:

"Not surprisingly, the research team found the usual number of problems in many of the records centers (particularly St. Louis) with misfiling, lost or misplaced documents, mismarking of documents, or the breaking up of record groups over the years and refiling in different systems. This included, for example, a small amount of missing "decimal files" from the 509th Bomb Group at Roswell that covered the years 1945-1949, that were marked on the index as "destroyed."

So records from the relevant time period were destroyed and that means that nothing happened other than the weather balloon, and the New York Times is trotting out this tired re-tread of a story now? I wonder why? Here is the link to the 1994 Roswell Case Closed report Happy Reading!

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