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A Col. Philip Corso for Our Times

Updated: Jun 9

Congratulations to Leslie Kean and Ralph Blumenthal on their confirmation article about the existence of hidden government programs with alien technology, via the disclosures by David Charles Grusch, on

In 1997 the book The Day After Roswell was published. Col. Philip Corso (ret.) disclosed that he was tasked to sprinkle alien technology recovered from the Roswell crash remains from 1947 throughout the military-industrial complex for reverse engineering, with specific instructions that any new devices would be patented by the contracting companies as new inventions. This technology included the integrated circuit chip, military night vision and lasers.

As Corso told it, the ship was recovered, and trucked to Fort Bliss in Texas, before being transported on to Wright Field (the same location as Wright Patterson AFB, where foreign air and space threat analysis is still conducted.)

In our take, the most important piece of information in this article is its reference that individuals came to Grusch and told him about "illegal contracting against Federal Acquisition Regulations and other criminality and the suppression of information across a qualified industrial base and academia." This is consistent with Corso's claim that contractors were selected by the military to work on these pieces of tech, without a bid process.

Moreover, we have interviewed people whose parents worked for some of these contractors on some of this technology and were sworn to secrecy specifically through threat of death to them and their families. Only deathbed disclosures have allowed this information to pass from parents to kids. We will have more on this in upcoming posts.

It would be great to finally hold Congressional hearings with real disclosures by people who can speak plainly and openly about what the US government has known and worked on for years without pretzeling into word salads that ultimately offer no incremental information. We certainly appreciate the reference in this article to an "80 year arms race", which would date back specifically to the 1940's, coincident with Roswell.

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