Working on Deadlines


I am closing in on the newest issue of the magazine and will have the cover up here for you to see later today or early tomorrow. If I've fallen behind in email -- again -- this will be the reason. It happens. I burrow deep and don't come up for air too often around these times.

Meanwhile, it's been constantly raining here, and will continue to do so. We live in a tropical forest now. I've been doing some research for Saturday's Future Theater show, and I have to tell you, I am amazed and just -- amazed at what I'm finding. There is a movie you can buy or catch bits of online called "What if Cannabis Cured Cancer?"

What if, indeed. Aging baby boomers -- take note. Also, if I ever had any doubts that the mainstream media was playing fast and loose with UFO facts, this week cleared up those doubts. Every possible outlet is promoting a Roswell-debunking book by Annie Jacobson of the LA Times. It's as if there was a conspiracy here. Seriously.

Meanwhile, in the issue I'm putting to press soon, Tom Carey has an article about the deadly silencing of the Roswell witnesses, a silencing that continues to this day. You will want to read it. And you will be able to, as soon as I can finish. Soon, soon. Rain, rain.

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