We Have Begun Shipping


Late yesterday afternoon, the office copies of the magazines arrived on a pallet, and in the rain. We got them inside very quickly and will be sending out first class, complimentary copies, and all foreign subscriptions later today, Friday, and through the weekend.

It is a gorgeous issue, made even more so through the hard work of our many, many contributors. I wish I could thank you all in more generous ways, but our readers do love you ... and so do I. Between issues, my wish lists always include enhancing the webspace so that letters and emails can find their proper audience and that the many hundreds of sightings each month can find a just resolution or just a conversation.

I am working on a brand-new way to do websites, courtesy of Adobe, called Muse. If it holds up to its promise, it will be a game changer for us. It's built by the same people who make InDesign, which is what I use to make each issue of the magazine, so it might make it that much easier to make a website the seems more like the actual print experience.

Stay tuned for that. Meanwhile, I talk to husband Bill each Saturday night on the radio, and it's relaxed and fun. You can hear it live via Inception Radio, our wonderful network sponsors. If you miss it or, for some strange reason you find yourself with something else to do on Saturdays at 6 p.m. Eastern time, you can always listen to any of the archives on the Future Theater site.

There are now 75 full episodes, and I've discovered the benefits of a glass of wine before the show. My nerves used to be so bad when I was just drinking tea and coffee during the show, but now it's a whole lot better with wine. It also helps, of course, to have Jamie Havican at the controls instead of me. Now, I can concentrate on all the groovy stuff our guests are saying, and I think the shows are just aces.

We are always in a time of transition, if you are paying attention. And, you always have options.

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