Vol. 24, No. 5 #158


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Volume 24, Number 5

June 2012

Issue #158



Further Reflections of a UFO Investigator

by Kevin D. Randle

Weaponizing the Narrative

by Colin Bennett

Dancing With the Stars in the Cosmic Ballroom

by Sean Casteel

The Other Side of Terror:

A Review of Gray Barker's Men in Black

by Eugenia Macer-Story


Editor in Chief: Nancy Hayfield Birnes 

Publisher’s Note: William J. Birnes

 Transmissions From A Dying Planet: Adam Gorightly

Inner Space: Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa

Truthseeking: Dennis Balthaser

Alien in the Attic: Farah Yurdözü

Bryant’s UFO View: Larry W. Bryant

An Alien View: Alfred Lehmberg

Arlan’s Arcanae: Arlan Andrews, Sr.

Saucers, Slips & Cigarettes: Deirdre O’Lavery

 Rocket Scientist: Stanton T. Friedman

Outside the Box: Mike Good

The Orange Orb: Regan Lee

Mirror Images: Micah A. Hanks

Beyond the Dial: Lesley Gunter

View From A Brit: Nick Redfern

21st Century News: Bob and Zohara Hieronimus

Coast to Coast AM: George Noory

Way Out West: Skylaire Alfvegren

Rick’s UFO Picks: Rick Troppman

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