Vol. 19, No. 2 #109

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Volume 19, Number 2
April/May 2004
Issue #109



A Conversation with Jim Marrs

Famous author whispers in UFO Magazine’s ear. Our ears are burning!

Alien Ghosts at Roswell?

What could be stranger than ghosts? How about an alien ghost?

by Jim Marrs


I have no tongue and I must moo.

by James Bass

Post-Abduction Re-Empowerment

Hypnotherapist Lynn Bedri helps abductees cope. 

by Ike Dillon

The Airships of 1897

They were big. They were flying. But they hadn’t been invented yet.

by Steven A. Arts

Return to Magonia

Chris Aubeck revisits the enchanted land first discovered by Jacques Vallee. 

by Sean Casteel

Interview with David Jacobs

They were here “to serve mankind” a very long time ago. 

by Marty Wayne Selegsman


Publisher’s Note

Editor’s Note


On Assignment

View From a Brit

21st Century News

Out of This World

In Memoriam


Coast To Coast

Conspiracy Con


I Get the Last Word

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