Vol. 19, No. 1 #108


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Volume 19, Number 1
February/March 2004
Issue #108



Orbs Come Out to Play

A visit to Sattva Sanctuary, a digital camera, and the right frame of mind produces a stunning array of glowing spheres amd countless UFO sightings, all caught on film.

by Ken Levin

The Lear Briefing

John Lear has announced a new version of his infamous Briefing. It’s been all over the internet ... it’s deja vu all over again.

Should There Be Full Disclosure?

by Steve Bassett

Should We Question the Premise?

by Don & Vicki Ecker

History Repeats? The 1987 Version

The  Spirit Has Landed

NASA touches down its first Martian Rover since 1997, and it’s already snapping pictures.

• That Face! That Fabulous Face!

• Remembering Mars Observer

• For the Record: Thirty years of Missions

by Ron Press, Vicki Ecker, William J. Birnes


On Assignment

Area 52

Coast To Coast

21st Century News

Jolene: Mufon News

Out of This World

Camille: Mufon Report

View From a Brit


Publisher’s Note

Editor’s Note



Casteel Reviews Hopkins

Early Indications


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