The Artifacts of Time


We are celebrating today here at Casa Ovni. We have finally stayed in one place for an entire year! It has been so exhausting and time-consuming to pack everything up and move from loft to boat to apartment to home.

But now, we're all settled in and I hope the magazine will therefore flow out of here a little bit faster. The photo, above, shows some of the hand work that still goes into each issue. In this case, it's envelopes, rubber address stamps, and glue for the stamps that we print from our online account.

And there you have it. I would also like to point you to my longer exploration of these topics, which is the content of my editorial this issue. I'm actually quite proud of it, and ultimately proud of the entire issue, covered as it is, in the sunlight of a day gone past.

Here is a free PDF of that editorial, and I hope you are therefore inspired to subscribe and never miss another issue.

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