Showtime and Beyond


Every Saturday evening at 6 p.m. Eastern time I plug my Macbook Pro into a couple of wires and fire up the chat and relax as Jamie Havican and the good folks at Inception Radio Network help us to produce Future Theater. This is a snapshot of tonight's setup as we were getting ready to welcome Pat Uskert to the show.

Tonight I actually lit some incense, and you can sort of see it wafting there on the shelf above the computer. In the upper right of the photo are the cubbies, which I sort of play with while we're on air and that's why you hear a thump in the middle of the action sometimes.

Here is the opposite side of the room, all dressed up with new lights.


Pretty cool. Now, it's time to get the next issue out of my computer and off to you. It won't be too long, now.

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