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Getting ready …

And so now, here is a little report. I've been working behind the scenes, reading all your emails and comments, and musing on them. Sometimes for days. Musing. And I've been working from one positive thought to the next … and I thank you for that.

Herewith, we are getting closer to the Big Reveal of the All-New and Wonderful Doubly Important and Lots of Fun UFO Magazine. Your old trusty friend, exactly like before, print-on-paper and delivered to your door, but now, there's also going to be a new life form in the mix: Digital. Fully digital. This means lots of new goodies (but only digital ones) for the e-reader and e-subscriber. The magazine will come alive, based on my skill sets and the willing participation of our various writers. You, the reader, will get to hear and sometimes watch the columnists as they go about their columns.

You will also be able to see *all* the supporting artwork and background materials that the writer originally submitted with the article. No more worry about running out of room. No more worry about black-and-white vs. color. Color, glorious color, can saturate one page and then dissolve -- literally -- dissolve right on the next page. The possibilities are fun to contemplate as I design us into the future. I'm going to need help, however. 

I will soon be sending out letters to all the writers and dearest friends of the mag, telling them what I need, when I need it, and letting them in on some background, boring-detail stuff. I will try to post more frequent updates here, as we pick up steam. There will be a fresh new issue coming your way shortly. Your digital way, and then your postal way. Don't panic. If you're reading these words, you are digital and you will be welcome to join the Cafe later on.

Current subscribers are already members, but details are still sketchy as new info comes in. Will we have radio piped into the Cafe or should be put those old-times table jukeboxes in, with just our favorite songs from each decade? Yeah. Lots to think about and lots to do. You should notice little upset in your daily life, and then boom! We're back, and you are moving right along, happy to have made it to the twenty-first century and happy to have survived 2012.

I was a bit scathed, but it's just a flesh wound. Keep thinking bright thoughts and join me back here for the next installment of UFO Mag, the Drama. Also, check in on us at Future Theater, especially on Saturday nights, 6 to 8 pm EST. It's exactly the fabulous party you always looked forward to all week. Remember that? We remember.

Oh. And we are still taking subscriptions because we will be taking subscriptions forever. Soon, you will have the option of a new subscription, and that's about the only change we intend to make here. One more subscription option. Patience will have its reward.

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