Crop Circle Goodness


Finally, our current issue has shipped, and we are waiting for our office copies so that we can send them out to one and all. Yes, print may be dying, but not this month ... or the next. This is a jam-packed issue, full of excellent reportage and both far-out and meticulous opinion pieces.

I expect there will be more foment from Budd Hopkins's statement on the Emma Woods matter, as well as Emma's own statement. Budd will also be one of the topics we discuss this Saturday on Future Theater with his former wife Carol Rainey. Comments will not be disabled here, or there.

Speaking of foment, if you haven't been to the Big Blog lately, you ought to pay it a visit. Folks there are debating the issue of free speech on the internet vs. the crazy wild and willful display of anger that sometimes shows up when there is lots going on behind the scenes.

Readers have to parse the evidence for themselves in the case of the comment storm going on over there. Ironically, it was the lame ban-everyone policy on the old, formerly vibrant Paracast forum that was the beginning of the controversy on our blog.

Free speech has to extend even to the idiots who disagree with you, or it isn't free at all. I do think intelligence and calmness wins out in the end, mostly because those qualities are easier to maintain in the long run. And, in spite of anything else you might hear, we here at UFO Magazine are definitely in it for the long, long run.

Hope you enjoy the new issue! You can buy it right here!

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