Beginnings Anew!


I have finally figured out how to make this front page behave like a real blog. I am using a great piece of software for the Mac called Sandvox, and like any task, you have to keep knocking around with it until you figure it out. I haven't had much chance to play with my digital world these past few weeks, so I'm taking longer than usual to Get Things Done.

But, things are getting done. We are now moved in. The new issue, #155, is underway and will go to the printer soon. It will be spectacular. Smaller details to come. For today, I would like to just paint a few broad strokes.

The image above is the sunrise, coming up in Pennsylvania over the snow. The beauty of this place is beyond description, and I'm almost never there, where description fails. The sunrise is almost always red. I often go to bed right after witnessing it, missing certain pretty hours.

I hope I can get back to some real writing this year. I hope I can fix the audio problems with our radio broadcast. I hope I meet the bi-monthly deadlines this year. I always hope. How can you not be filled with hope and joy when the sun is coming up on a brand new year?

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