Another day or two ...


I am so excited with the progress of this new issue. You will love it, I believe. I estimate that I should have it done for you soon. Meanwhile, here is something I grabbed from the web from somewhere, as we are wont to do, sometimes, in the dead of night.

I thought it was inspirational -- considering the plot of my new novel and all the turmoil that has been caused by this particular … well, you'll get the picture soon enough. And then I noticed the little heart at the bottom, and within the heart, it looks like "Vol 25." And another tiny little heart. So prescient. So fitting for our future together.

So, it gives me hope that I am on the right path now. In a couple of days, no more than a few,  I promise, the latest issue, Vol. 24.6, #159, will be available for download for free right here. Forever, I might add. Free.

Now, I must get back to the baking. You can't hurry love … 

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