Almost There!


We had a fabulous time at the "Pitch" extravaganza in New York City last Tuesday night. I feel confident that we made new friends and readers, and we heard some very interesting UFO-related stories and tales of woe. As always, some of them cannot be validated and thus enter the realm of the ordinary strange, while others might blossom under investigation.

That's also the case with the sightings reports and emails that I receive daily -- they are a valuable resource and we do guard the information you send with all the confidentiality that you require. Still, the sheer heft and weight and frequency of your sightings haunt and humble us. More on that, later. Meanwhile, tonight we may have some new revelations on Future Theater, so stay tuned for that.

And, in addition to the luscious teasing that the above cover provides, I will, in fact ... give all the details on that, soon. Finishing touches do take time. But I can use the word: finish! Finally!!

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