Almost Perfect!

Well, here we are … a long time in the making, and it's almost ready for you. Our beloved magazine is just about ready for your download, and you will even have a few choices: fancy-schmancy version or regular wonderful version. And guess what?!


This issue is totally free. Forever. We will not decrement your subscription, and when we mail it out, we are not charging you for postage, no matter which method of postal delivery you have chosen.


Choices make life interesting. Things are about to get very interesting here at the magazine. I am going to try to persuade you to make a choice to leave paper behind and enter the enhanced digital structure that will house the magazine. It will totally be your choice: have a paper issue delivered to your door on a continuing irregular schedule, or turn your remaining issues into months to be spent in the digital realms.

I'm keeping it rather vague today because I'm still ironing out the wrinkles. Once you see the free new magazine that I will post here in a few more days, you will know a lot more. I will make sure than any and all news about the issues is fully explained in my column, and I know that the issue itself will do a lot of the talking for me.

It's so exciting! There will be fun things to see and do! You will really really like it, because if you're reading this, you've already crossed the threshold. If you are able to read these words, you are able to enjoy the new fruits of your subscription. We are in the matrix now, and you will need a roadmap.

Watch This Space

So, please accept again my deepest apologies in not answering each of your emails and comments one by one. I most certainly read them all, and ponder some of them longer than the others. Your passion will be satisfied. Your patience will be rewarded. You will be glad the bad things happened this year for a reason. Chaos is opportunity and life is rich with opportunity.

See you soon. Back to work.

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