RCA Indian Head test pattern.jpeg

Alive. And, well 

Please stay tuned. Incredible things are happening behind the scenes here at UFO Magazine. I have to keep the Indian Head Test Card up a little bit longer … not too much longer.

As you can imagine, the print publishing world is changing, and we have to change along with the changing changers. The Post Office is not secure, and we have to secure other ways to make sure you get your magazine.

Once we're loosened from the vagaries of paper, mailmen's footsteps, and distributor's broken-taped boxes thrown onto docks in the early dawn rain, we can begin to abide by a much more regular schedule. We are, at least those of you reading this, online some of the time. I'll post all info of progress here, in the next days.

The great hiatus is over, and I will go into detail about that in my own personal blog. For here, for now, just know that as a subscriber, your world this year will be full of UFO Magazine goodies. You will be well pleased, whether you prefer paper in hand or slick fun on the reading machine.

It's going to be a great great year. Thanks for your patience, and -- if you check the comments -- your passion. Details will follow. Stay tuned.

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