UFO Magazine, published since 1986, is the number-one publication of its type in the U.S., distinguished by a consistent record of fair and accurate reporting on UFOs and related matters by the best investigative journalists in the field.

Sold via mail subscriptions world-wide, we are also an important newsstand presence in both the United States and Canada. With its steadlly growing circulation of 100,000 readers per issue, UFO Magazine offers advertisers a target market.

UFO Magazine readers are primarily college-educated middle- and upper-class individuarls with a discerning taste for the avant garde and largely positive visions of the future. UFO's readership is intelligent, curious, and 60 percent male and 40 percent female, with a median age of 41.

Domestic reaership is concentrated in urban areas.

Ad rates

Classified: 12 words $35.00 U.S. 

Each additional word $1.00

(no photos)

Display Classified ads:  One column width (2-1/4") by:

1 inch  $50.00

2 inch   100.00

(photos may be included)

Full page $725.00  B/W  (4 color +$275.00)

1/2 page  $375

1/6 page $150

Discounts are give for multiple ads 3X 6X

Prepayment of ads may be paid with credit card.

Card is charged when magazine is printed.

The magazine is published approximately every two months.

Next issue available is #155, which will close October 1  for an on-sale date October 15.

To arrange an ad, contact Don Timmel, our ad rep, at:

19640 Pacific Coast Highway, Malibu, CA 90265

Toll Free: 800 356-9193

310 838-3484 • FAX 310 571-0307

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