Finally, and at long last!


The issue is off press now, and is being bundled and packaged and shipped out to one and all. Finally! You will be receiving your issue #154 in the mail in a week or so, and as soon as we get our office copies we will be sending them out to new subscribers. It's a doozy.

We are both a huge and a tiny organization, blended into one long-standing entity. When I say "huge," I'm referring to the hundreds, probably thousands of contributors who help to make this magazine the premier voice for the unknown, the unknowable, the strange, the weird.

It is through individual voices that we tell our story, and this month's issue is indicative of that process. A woman who is using "Emma Woods" as her pseudonym tells her story, written through the creative prism of Jeremy Vaeni. It is gripping and vivid. Her antagonist in her story, David Jacobs, has declined to answer. If he should ever change his mind, his own story will be in our pages.

And when I say that our organization is "tiny," I only mean that the final deadlines are met and missed by me, your editor. All blame must settle here, and I am hoping to create the next issue in a more timely fashion. I'm working on it now, for a December appearance.

Now, I will get ready for tonight's Future Theater show, and we're going to talk to the writer who predicted that mass hysteria that gripped the nation this past Wednesday. It may become a feature in an issue to come ... stay tuned!

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